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The FirstVoices team provides ongoing training through the program year through monthly webinars. We deliver refresher sessions on different topics and dig more deeply into skills covered in our training sessions. Check this page for details of upcoming webinars (including access links) and recordings of previous webinars.

If you have a topic idea for an upcoming webinar, please email

Upcoming webinars

July Webinar

Topic: LTP Welcome and Language Planning

Date: July 17th 

Time: 11am PST

Join Link: Click here to join the meeting

Instructions: How to Join a Microsoft Teams Call

Previous webinars

YouTube Playlist

To bookmark our Youtube playlist and view our previously recorded webinars, see this page:

April 2021 Webinar: Final Reports

March 2021 Webinar: Data Quality

February 2021 Webinar: Workplanning in the Ongoing Pandemic

January 2020 Webinar: Copyright

November 2020 Webinar: Project Administration Check-In

October 2020 Webinar: Alphabets, Keyboards, and Everything in Between

September 2020 Webinar: New Features on

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