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Welcome to the FirstVoices Knowledge Base. Here you'll find information about how to use FirstVoices and tips for working on a language team.


Find information about new features, additions and bug fixes on the FirstVoices Updates Blog

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About FirstVoices

  • Find information about FirstVoices, language preservation, how the projects work, copyright and privacy.

Using FirstVoices

Working on FirstVoices

  • Learn how to use FirstVoices as a language team, collect entries for a language community and how to edit and upload those entries on FirstVoices.

Take FirstVoices Training

  • Take the FirstVoices language team training curriculum.

Developing with FirstVoices

  • Develop your own FirstVoices tools.


If you have any questions about FirstVoices, feel free to contact our FirstVoices Coordinator:

Kyra Fortier
Cell: (250) 882-8919

Team Email:
FPCC Office: (250) 652-5952

Recently updated articles

Most recent blog post

The FirstVoices development team has been working hard on the new release, which sees the launch of new features, as well as solutions to bugs and glitches on the site. In addition, we’ve also published new information on our blog. All of these updates have been prompted by the hard-working Language Teams and community members, whose valuable feedback, ideas and suggestions have been crucial in making FirstVoices a better platform. If you have questions about any of the updates listed below,…

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